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Red Thongs

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Red Flower - Luxury Mini G-String - Black/RedRed Flower - Luxury Mini G-String - Black/Red
Edler roter String - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousLuxus G string rot - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Spitze Reizwäsche - Big Flower StringBig Flower - Mini T-String - Red
Big Flower - Mini T-String - Red Sale priceFrom €36,95
Sparkling Red - Micro G String - Red/GoldSparkling Red - Micro G String - Red/Gold
On saleRed Twig - Mini G-String - RedRed Twig - Mini G-String - Red
Red Twig - Mini G-String - Red Sale priceFrom €33,16 Regular price€41,95
Sweethearts - Mini T-String - RedSweethearts - Mini T-String - Red
Sweethearts - Mini T-String - Red Sale priceFrom €38,95
Red Love - Luxury Mini G-String - RedRed Love - Luxury Mini G-String - Red
Luxus G String Baroque FireDamen G String rot
Baroque Fire - Mini G-String - Red Sale priceFrom €38,95
Queen of Hearts - Luxury Micro G-String - RedQueen of Hearts - Luxury Micro G-String - Red
Transparent Red - Luxury Micro V-StringTransparent Red - Luxury Micro V-String
Queen of Hearts - Micro G-String - RedQueen of Hearts - Micro G-String - Red
Roter String transparent - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousRoter G-String - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Love Story - Mini G-String - Red Sale priceFrom €43,95
Transparent Red - Luxury Micro G-StringTransparent Red - Luxury Micro G-String
Woodstock in Red - Mini G-String - RedWoodstock in Red - Mini G-String - Red
Red Sweety - Mini G-String - RedRed Sweety - Mini G-String - Red
Red Sweety - Mini G-String - Red Sale priceFrom €43,95
Micro String schwarz rot - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousMini G String schwarz rot - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
On saleRosebud - Mini G-String - Red/PinkRosebud - Mini G-String - Red/Pink
Rosebud - Mini G-String - Red/Pink Sale priceFrom €34,76 Regular price€43,95
Damen roter sexy Stringroter G String mit Blumen von Lucky Cheeks
Bloom in Red - Mini G-String Sale priceFrom €43,95

Red thongs are an expression of sensuality and joie de vivre. The strong colour impressively underlines the most beautiful sides of every woman.


A red thong for exciting hours for two

With a sexy thong in red you set an unmistakable sign. Red is not only the colour of love. As a signal colour it also stands for danger.
However, a red thong can be dangerous not so much for you, the woman who wears
it, but rather for your partner. They could lose their senses when looking at your curves emphasized in this way and give themselves completely to you.


Why are red ladies’ thongs so popular?

Red mini thongs exert a very special attraction. They are considered to be extremely attractive and at the same time quite daring. They stand for sensuality and the joy of erotic adventure. The eye-catching colour is an invitation to the viewer to take a closer look at what the few fabrics just cover up. And with that the actual goal is already achieved.


A lady’s thong in red from Lucky Cheeks - noble and attractive

Lucky Cheeks' jewellery thongs enchant both the wearer and her counterpart with the high quality of the materials and workmanship. The seductive red tiny thongs
are made of the finest materials in traditional handcraft in Germany.

The love for unusual details gives the thongs their special appeal, which hardly anyone can resist. Neither the woman who wears them, nor the person who is allowed to enjoy the sight of them.


A red tanga thong - so you are sure to attract attention!

Wearing a micro thong in red may take a little courage the first time.
However, when you notice the attention you get with such lingerie, the concerns
will soon be gone. But maybe you should also try the many other colours in which Lucky Cheeks thongs are offered. You have the choice among others between


The transparent thongs from our seductive collection in different colours are very popular by many women.


For which occasions is a red thong suitable?

A red G-string is the ideal lingerie for exciting hours of intimate togetherness.
After all, the unique sight of a woman in a red G-string is not meant for every
eye. The partner must earn this pleasure. But also, on special occasions, such
as New Year's Eve, you are perfectly dressed in a red thong under the festive
wardrobe. After all, wearing red underwear at the turn of the year promises
particularly good luck in love over the next twelve months.


Take the initiative with a red mini thong

The courage to wear a red G-string or T-string is one of the things that make a woman confident and strong. Strengthened in this way, it is also easier for you to
express and demand your personal needs. A red G-string gives you the courage
and strength to take the initiative in erotic matters and be rewarded with
unforgettable experiences. You should give it a try...