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Product type
Queen of Love - Black - Luxury Mini G-StringQueen of Love - Black - Luxury Mini G-String
Micro String transparent - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousG String weiß - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Red Flower - Luxury Mini G-String - Black/RedRed Flower - Luxury Mini G-String - Black/Red
Transparenter Micro String schwarz weiß - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousMicro G String schwarz weiß - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Micro String  - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousMicro G-String  - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Transparent Black - Luxury Micro V-StringTransparent Black - Luxury Micro V-String
Micro String schwarz - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousT String schwarz - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Mandrake Root - Black Micro T-String Sale priceFrom €38,95
Edler roter String - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousLuxus G string rot - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Mini String gold - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousMini G String gold - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Royal Meadows - Luxury Mini G-String - GreenRoyal Meadows - Luxury Mini G-String - Green
Transparenter schwarzer  String - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousSchwarzer T String - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
White Pearl - micro T-string - WhiteWhite Pearl - micro T-string - White
White Pearl - micro T-string - White Sale priceFrom €38,95
Mini String blau mit orange Blume - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousG string blau - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Soft Touch - Luxury Mini G-String - PinkSoft Touch - Luxury Mini G-String - Pink
Spitze Reizwäsche - Big Flower StringBig Flower - Mini T-String - Red
Big Flower - Mini T-String - Red Sale priceFrom €36,95
Transparent White - Luxury Micro V-StringTransparent White - Luxury Micro V-String
Luxus sexy String von Lucky CheeksSexy blauer G String von Lucky Cheeks
Sparkling Red - Micro G String - Red/GoldSparkling Red - Micro G String - Red/Gold
On saleRed Twig - Mini G-String - RedRed Twig - Mini G-String - Red
Red Twig - Mini G-String - Red Sale priceFrom €33,16 Regular price€41,95
Transparent Black - Luxury Micro G-StringTransparent Black - Luxury Micro G-String
weißer Mini G String mit Spitze - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousG-string mit Spitze weiss - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Sweethearts - Mini T-String - RedSweethearts - Mini T-String - Red
Sweethearts - Mini T-String - Red Sale priceFrom €38,95
Transparent Gold - Luxury Micro V-StringTransparent Gold - Luxury Micro V-String
Luxus Damen String Blue LagoonBlauer G String von Lucky Cheeks
Black V String transparent von Lucky CheeksV String Black Paradise - sexy Tanga von Lucky Cheeks
Black Paradise - Mini V-String Sale priceFrom €40,95
Queen of Love - Gold - Luxury Mini G-StringQueen of Love - Gold - Luxury Mini G-String
Sexy String  weiß - Annabelle in WhiteMicro G String Annabelle in White
Annabelle - White - Mini G string Sale priceFrom €41,95
Rosa Mini Sring mit Blume - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousEdler G-String rosa - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Pink Flamingo - Mini G String - Pink Sale priceFrom €41,95
Sunshine - Mini G-String - GoldSunshine - Mini G-String - Gold
Sunshine - Mini G-String - Gold Sale priceFrom €41,95
Red Love - Luxury Mini G-String - RedRed Love - Luxury Mini G-String - Red
White Bunny - Luxury Mini G-String - White/PinkWhite Bunny - Luxury Mini G-String - White/Pink
Edler String Ouvert von Lucky CheeksLuxus G String Ouvert von Lucky Cheeks
Transparent White - Luxury Micro G-StringTransparent White - Luxury Micro G-String
Queen of Love - Ivory - Luxury Mini G-StringQueen of Love - Ivory - Luxury Mini G-String
Silver Moon - Luxury Mini G-String - Black/SilverSilver Moon - Luxury Mini G-String - Black/Silver
Luxus String ArcadeMini G String Arcade
Arcade - Luxury Mini G-String - Pink Sale priceFrom €51,45
Luxus G String Baroque FireDamen G String rot
Baroque Fire - Mini G-String - Red Sale priceFrom €38,95
Queen of Love - Gold - Mini G-StringQueen of Love - Gold - Mini G-String
Queen of Love - Gold - Mini G-String Sale priceFrom €43,95
Queen of Hearts - Luxury Micro G-String - RedQueen of Hearts - Luxury Micro G-String - Red
Mini String mit Blumen - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousG- String -  Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Mini String schwarz weiß - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousMini G String transparent - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Queen of Love Deep Black - Luxury Slip Po OuvertQueen of Love Deep Black - Luxury Slip Po Ouvert
Mini String schwarz  Lucky CheeksMicro G String schwarz
Transparent Rose-Black - Luxury Micro V-StringTransparent Rose-Black - Luxury Micro V-String
hellblau Mini String - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousT-String blau - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Queen of Love Black - Luxury G-string openQueen of Love Black - Luxury G-string open
Damen Micro String Schwarzer G String - Lucky Cheeks Dessous
Transparent Light Blue - Luxury Micro V-StringTransparent Light Blue - Luxury Micro V-String

A sexy thong suits every woman

Erotic lingerie and underwear, which never fail to emphasize a woman’s feminine charms, make her instantly more attractive and desirable.

Whether she is young or already on the mature side, very slim or built more in line with the baroque ideal of beauty, every woman is uniquely stunning. With a high-quality thong, an exclusive jewellery thong for example, you can celebrate the magnificence of your individual body.

Which sexy thong suits me?

The answer to the questionWhich sexy thong fits me best?is actually quite simple. It is always the thong in which you feel the most comfortable. Your favourite colour plays just as big a role in your decision as your individual style. In our sexy thong shop you will find, among other things, extremely exclusive mini thongs and micro thongs in various colours and designs. Each of our thongs is characterized by its extraordinary high quality. We guarantee:

  • high-quality fabrics and materials from Europe
  • fine embroideries from Switzerland and Italy
  • production in Germany in our own studio
  • attractive designs

Have a look at the large selection of ladies models offered in our online shop. In addition to the classic black thongs, you will also find our transparent thongs and crotchless thongs in a variety of colours. In one of our transparent thongs, you can surprise your lover with a daring first look at the places that would otherwise remain hidden.

High quality sexy thongs - handmade creations in precious fabrics

To feel comfortable in your new thong, the design, in addition to the colour, is of the utmost importance. Here we offer you a large variety of designs to help you find the thong that perfectly reflects you and your individual style. Scrolling through our website, you will find a large selection of different styles in colours such as black, red, pink and gold. You'll even find white thongs. We're sure you'll find something that suits your aesthetic. However, for your favourite thong to revel its true power, it must fit perfectly. Therefore, it is recommended to check the sizing chart carefully before buying.
If the thong is to be gifted to a wonderful woman, a quick look in her lingerie drawer will help you to determine the size that's best for her. Here, men or women who would like to surprise their partner with a G-string, T-String or V-string will find all the information they need to buy a sexy women's thong.

Experience your own attractiveness with a sexy thong

It is not always easy to be confident in our own attractiveness. Too often, our overly critical self-image gets in the way of our ability to embrace the beauty of our unique bodies.

Do women feel more attractive when they wear sexy thongs?

An exclusive sexy thong from our collection will help you discover your individual beauty and show it off in a sophisticated way. You will be surprised by the positive effects a perfectly fitted piece of lingerie can have on your self-confidence when it comes to feeling desirable and attractive on a day-to-day basis.

Hot thongs - even mature women can wear them

Beauty and a youthful appearance are not a question of age, but of a vibrant attitude. So why shouldn't women who have gained experience and self-confidence over the course of their lives emphasize their individual beauty by wearing an exclusive thong? The pride in what they have experienced and achieved, as well as the certainty of having found their own way, makes women of advanced age particularly desirable.

Should women over a certain age stop wearing sexy thongs?

Similar to wearing seductive lingerie, there is no age limit for wearing sexy thongs and tight panties. If you feel comfortable with a provocative red thong, there is no reason why you shouldn't wear such a fancy piece. However, many more mature women are unsure what their partner's reaction might be if they surprise them with a beautiful thong or tanga. But don't worry about that: our precious pieces are always well received and never fail to look seductive and high class.

Sexy thongs, a beautiful gift that not only pleases women

Therefore, here is a suggestion to the men: give your wife, and yourself by extension, the gift of pleasure. Give your partner a sexy thong, for example a jewelry thong, to demonstrate to her that she remains sexy and desirable to you every single day. By giving her pair of our seductive panties, you offer her the security and courage to venture into more daring lingerie, such as a golden thong.