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About Us

Our goal is to offer an exclusive collection of high-quality, sexy lingerie and beachwear that not only serve as exceptional gifts, but also increase the self-confidence and sensuality of our customers. We strive to create an unparalleled experience for both those who give our products as gifts and those who buy them for themselves. Our goal is to achieve the perfect balance between elegance, comfort and seductive appeal through outstanding design and first-class quality.

The special thing about Lucky Cheeks

our sexy and high-quality gift items that create an incomparable and unforgettable experience for both the giver and the recipient - Lucky Cheeks exudes pure sensuality

  • Top quality thanks to handwork
  • Produced fairly, sustainably and resource-savingly in our own studio
  • short delivery routes - materials from Europe

Made in Germany

In our own studio, we take the production of our products into our own hands in order to consistently meet our high standards of ethical production standards and outstanding workmanship. This in-house production enables us to closely monitor every production step - from the first draft to the final piece. We are committed to drastically reducing material waste and aim to reduce this to almost zero.

When selecting our materials, we not only value outstanding quality, but also actively strive to use recycled materials wherever possible. This approach reflects our commitment to sustainability and quality in equal measure.


At Lucky Cheeks we like to respond to the individual wishes and needs of our customers. We offer the opportunity to create custom-made products according to your ideas - as long as we have the necessary materials and the appropriate industrial sewing machines. Whether it's about making a decorative thong without the usual decorative elements, converting a mini thong into the shape of a micro thong, designing the bottom as a G, V or T-string according to your preferences or making special custom-made pieces of your thong - we implement your wishes. Do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiries. Together we will discuss the feasibility and realize your ideas in order to offer you an even more personal wearing experience.

High-quality materials from Europe

We only select first-class materials from Europe for our high-quality lingerie and attractive swimwear. With the finest fabrics from Italy, artistic embroidery from Switzerland and Italy, as well as decorative elements from France, Spain and Italy, each of our pieces has its unique character. Our signature lingerie and swimwear collections are created in the idyllic Eifel region of Germany, where each product is made with the utmost care and craftsmanship. This attention to detail allows us to create pieces that not only fascinate, but also tell stories of elegance and enthusiasm.


2023: Image film - IHK Aachen

Lucky Cheek's story

Muriel Klink dreamed of running her own small lingerie boutique from an early age. Elegant embroidery, high-quality materials and delicate lace from well-known international lingerie labels have already fascinated the Belgian-born woman since she was young. During her time at school, Muriel began taking sewing courses and created her first textile creations.

Founding Lucky Cheeks

Muriel only took the step into self-employment after more than ten years of professional experience as a operations manager and quality manager. In 2007, the industrial engineer built a successful multi-brand online shop for luxury lingerie. In the following years she gained valuable experience in this industry. She notices that there is still a great need for high-quality mini thongs.

The lingerie expert sold her online shop and founded the Lucky Cheeks label at the end of 2013.

First production

With the lingerie label Lucky Cheeks, the self-made designer specializes in luxurious sexy thongs. The Lucky Cheeks brand stands for top quality thongs. The founder attaches great importance to fair production conditions and materials from Europe.

The first three models (Red Flower, Golden Diamond and Ivory Pearl) were created at a renowned contract sewing factory near Paris and will be sold from August 2014.

The Kickstarter campaign

In September 2015, Muriel Klink celebrated her international breakthrough with the extravagant luxury thongs from Lucky Cheeks. Customers all over the world fall in love with the high-quality lingerie. A successful Kickstarter campaign and the introduction of the Queen of Love and Silver Moon models are helpful.

2016: own studio and online shop

In order to be more flexible in production and to be able to offer new creations and sizes more quickly, Muriel Klink set up her own studio in Monschau, Germany, in 2016. This initiative allowed the founder to directly control the development and production of new string variants. At the same time, the Lucky Cheeks online shop was created in 2016, offering customers worldwide access to the Lucky Cheeks range.

2017: Lucky Cheeks GmbH

The conversion of the sole proprietorship into Lucky Cheeks GmbH in July 2017 was a crucial turning point in the company's history. This strategic decision enabled us to strengthen the organizational and legal foundations and thus place our range of exquisite lingerie and swimwear on a solid foundation. The transformation into a GmbH represents not only the growth and success of Lucky Cheeks, but also our ongoing promise to provide our customers with exceptional products and experiences.

New studio and expansion of the team from 2020

A crucial milestone in our history was the year 2020, when we moved to a larger studio in order to be able to better meet the growing requirements and our vision. This move was a significant step forward for Lucky Cheeks as the more spacious studio gave us the opportunity to purchase new industrial sewing machines. This technological upgrade has enabled us to carefully and specifically expand our product range.

With the move to the more spacious studio, we have also significantly expanded our team. Instead of the previous one-woman business, our founder Muriel now works side by side with talented tailors. This move allowed us to increase our production capacity while maintaining the quality and attention to detail that has distinguished Lucky Cheeks from the start.

2022 & 2023: Expansion of the range

In 2022 and 2023, Lucky Cheeks experienced an exciting period of range expansion, enriching our offering with elegant kimonos, seductive bikinis and stylish bralettes. These new additions represent our constant effort to meet the wishes and needs of our customers with diverse and sophisticated collections. By carefully selecting materials and designs that reflect our core values ​​of quality and sensuality, we have managed to further consolidate our position as a renowned luxury lingerie and swimwear brand and delight our customers with even more choices.