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Sexy masks for remarkable moments

Erotic masks are popular accessories in the bedroom and beyond. They
exist in quite a few varieties and shapes. Simple masks are unicoloured and
without embellishments in order to focus more on "concealing". In our
assortment you will discover elegant masks made of lace, which consist of
high-quality materials and are adorned with many details.


Venetian masks thus have a long tradition. Mask – the word comes from
the Arabic "masḫara" and means, among other things, fool, or joke.
The models from our range do not cover the entire face but are rather
minimalistic as eye masks. Those sexy masks emphasize your eyes, are mystical,
seductive, and playful at the same time. You probably won't use the mask to
make a fool of your counterpart, but tingling jokes are explicitly welcome!


On what occasions is a lace mask worn?

You can purchase the masks in our selection as sets with a thong or
individually. In this context, they score especially with their sublime, elegant
appearance. They emphasize the effect of your body and other clothes, mainly in
combination with underwear.


A lace mask is an eye-catcher by itself but directs the focus on your
eyes. With it, you will seduce your partner. In the bedroom at home, a mask can
promise an additional thrill and brings variety into your love life. Whether at
a dinner for two or during lovemaking, the mask is glamorous and makes you
unapproachable. It gives self-confidence and yet also provides a certain
anonymity in more public places.


Depending on what preferences you and your partner share, sexy masks
are a tingling detail. They also represent an indispensable part of the dress
code at erotic events or swinger parties. Mingle with people and attend theme
parties or events, to which a Venetian mask fits well. By the way, the masks
are not necessarily tied to voluptuous events but also tastefully enhance an
elegant evening dress. This already leads to the next point and the question:
what do I wear with my sexy mask?


How to combine your lace mask with erotic lingerie?

A sexy mask is a small but very eye-catching detail on your outfit. If
you plan to wear it to a theme party, exclusive dresses in matching colours are
a good choice along with the mask. Trousers made of high-quality fabric or a
dress in black, white, gold or silver will harmonize perfectly with our lace


The elegant eye masks are especially designed as an ensemble with our
thongs and unfold their seductive power in this combination. The delicate patterns
and ornaments of the jewelry thongs can be rediscovered in the masks. The two
articles are an unbeatable team and will inspire you and your partner.


You want to see this seductive duo on your girlfriend? We deliver our
masks in exclusive gift packaging. Invest in your
love life and partnership and surprise your wife with a Venetian mask including
the matching thongs "Golden Diamond" or "Queen of Love". As
an alternative to the mask, choose a thong of your taste and filter by colour.
Are you looking for a black thong or does your better half prefer one in red?
You can find these and other colours in our selection with just one click.


Sexy Venetian style masks

What can you expect when ordering one of our sexy masks? At Lucky
Cheeks, the choice of material is already essential. We rely on elastic fabrics
for best wearing comfort for our different string models. We also have the same
standard for our masks. They are made of 100% polyester and are manufactured in
Germany. The first-class embroideries are Swiss quality work.


In addition, there are details such as Swarovski crystals and robust,
but pleasantly smooth ribbons that you tie behind the head. All masks fit
perfectly and can be easily opened if necessary. You clean your masks by hand.
After the successful order we will send the products to you in a nice folding
packaging. We hope you will enjoy choosing and trying them on.