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Queen of Love - Black - Luxury Mini G-StringQueen of Love - Black - Luxury Mini G-String
Micro String transparent - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousG String weiß - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Red Flower - Luxury Mini G-String - Black/RedRed Flower - Luxury Mini G-String - Black/Red
Transparenter Micro String schwarz weiß - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousMicro G String schwarz weiß - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Micro String  - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousMicro G-String  - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Edler roter String - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousLuxus G string rot - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Mini String gold - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousMini G String gold - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Royal Meadows - Luxury Mini G-String - GreenRoyal Meadows - Luxury Mini G-String - Green
Mini String blau mit orange Blume - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousG string blau - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Soft Touch - Luxury Mini G-String - PinkSoft Touch - Luxury Mini G-String - Pink
Luxus sexy String von Lucky CheeksSexy blauer G String von Lucky Cheeks
Sparkling Red - Micro G String - Red/GoldSparkling Red - Micro G String - Red/Gold
On saleRed Twig - Mini G-String - RedRed Twig - Mini G-String - Red
Red Twig - Mini G-String - Red Sale priceFrom €33,16 Regular price€41,95
Transparent Black - Luxury Micro G-StringTransparent Black - Luxury Micro G-String
weißer Mini G String mit Spitze - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousG-string mit Spitze weiss - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Luxus Damen String Blue LagoonBlauer G String von Lucky Cheeks
Queen of Love - Gold - Luxury Mini G-StringQueen of Love - Gold - Luxury Mini G-String
Sexy String  weiß - Annabelle in WhiteMicro G String Annabelle in White
Annabelle - White - Mini G string Sale priceFrom €41,95
Rosa Mini Sring mit Blume - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousEdler G-String rosa - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Pink Flamingo - Mini G String - Pink Sale priceFrom €41,95
Sunshine - Mini G-String - GoldSunshine - Mini G-String - Gold
Sunshine - Mini G-String - Gold Sale priceFrom €41,95
Red Love - Luxury Mini G-String - RedRed Love - Luxury Mini G-String - Red
White Bunny - Luxury Mini G-String - White/PinkWhite Bunny - Luxury Mini G-String - White/Pink
Edler String Ouvert von Lucky CheeksLuxus G String Ouvert von Lucky Cheeks
Transparent White - Luxury Micro G-StringTransparent White - Luxury Micro G-String
Queen of Love - Ivory - Luxury Mini G-StringQueen of Love - Ivory - Luxury Mini G-String
Silver Moon - Luxury Mini G-String - Black/SilverSilver Moon - Luxury Mini G-String - Black/Silver
Luxus String ArcadeMini G String Arcade
Arcade - Luxury Mini G-String - Pink Sale priceFrom €51,45
Luxus G String Baroque FireDamen G String rot
Baroque Fire - Mini G-String - Red Sale priceFrom €38,95
Queen of Hearts - Luxury Micro G-String - RedQueen of Hearts - Luxury Micro G-String - Red
Queen of Love - Gold - Mini G-StringQueen of Love - Gold - Mini G-String
Queen of Love - Gold - Mini G-String Sale priceFrom €43,95
Mini String mit Blumen - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousG- String -  Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Mini String schwarz weiß - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousMini G String transparent - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Mini String schwarz  Lucky CheeksMicro G String schwarz
Queen of Love Black - Luxury G-string openQueen of Love Black - Luxury G-string open
Damen Micro String Schwarzer G String - Lucky Cheeks Dessous
Purple Temptation - Luxury Mini G-String - PurplePurple Temptation - Luxury Mini G-String - Purple
weißer String mit Blumen - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousG String mit Spitze - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Honey Girl - Mini G-String - White Sale priceFrom €41,95
Queen of Love - Ivory - Mini G-StringQueen of Love - Ivory - Mini G-String
Schwarzer String mit Tiermuster - Black Panther von Lucky CheeksMicro G String mit Tiermuster - Black Panther von Lucky Cheeks
Black Panther - Mini G-String Sale priceFrom €35,95
On saleMicro String elfenbein - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousG String elfenbein - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Ivory Twig - Mini G-String - Ivory Sale priceFrom €33,16 Regular price€41,95
Queen of Hearts - Micro G-String - RedQueen of Hearts - Micro G-String - Red
Queen of Love - Black - Mini G-StringQueen of Love - Black - Mini G-String
Queen of Love Deep Black - Luxury G-string openQueen of Love Deep Black - Luxury G-string open
Royal Meadows - Mini G-String - GreenRoyal Meadows - Mini G-String - Green
Young Love - Luxury Micro G-String - WhiteYoung Love - Luxury Micro G-String - White
Romance - Mini G-String - Ivory/OrangeRomance - Mini G-String - Ivory/Orange
Sexy schwarzer StringLace black thong
Annabelle - Black - Mini G-String Sale priceFrom €41,95
Transparent Rose - Luxury Micro G-StringTransparent Rose - Luxury Micro G-String

The G String, an essential part of the modern lingerie wardrobe, symbolizes more than just fashion or comfort; it represents a deliberate choice for style, elegance,
and self-confidence. Characterized by its minimalist design covering just the essentials, the G String has evolved from a taboo topic to a celebrated fashion
item, available in numerous variations from everyday wear to beachwear. This
variety offers women the chance to express their personal style direction and
individuality. Whether as a seductive element under an evening gown or as
practical underwear that remains invisible under form-fitting clothing, G Strings are an expression of fashion consciousness and personal well-being.

What Makes the G String So Special?

Unlike conventional underwear, the G String is distinguished by a small fabric triangle in the front and an equally minimal triangle at the back. These are connected by a narrow strip of fabric, allowing for an almost invisible division of the buttocks. This construction promises not only an invisible look under tight clothing but also an emphasized presentation of the feminine curves.

The Sexy G String: More Than Just Underwear

G Strings are much more than a simple piece of underwear; they are a powerful tool of seduction. They unleash their true beauty and impact in intimate moments, when combined with the body's natural beauty. A noble thong from the Lucky Cheeks collection is specifically designed to draw attention to body regions that count in special moments. With their artful covering of the most intimate places, they offer a perfect blend of elegance and seduction, helping wearers to feel confident and desirable.

Differences in Detail: G String versus String Tanga

Distinguishing between a G String and a string tanga is essential for understanding the needs and preferences of each wearer. While the G String is celebrated for its
minimalist design philosophy, the string tanga offers a bit more fabric at the back, without fully covering. G-Strings from Lucky Cheeks, available as mini G Strings or micro G Strings, focus on an even more reduced use of fabric, making them the ideal choice for maximum discretion and seduction. These designs minimalistically cover the most intimate areas with just a small fabric triangle or showcase them with other enticing details like embroidery, while the back is accentuated by an equally tiny fabric triangle. In models like the T-String or V-String, this small triangle is completely omitted, consisting only of narrow straps at the back. The Micro G String pushes the boundaries of minimalism. It caters to those desiring to reveal almost everything but still prefer a hint of fabric. This version is particularly favored in intimate fashion
and for bold beach attire.

What Makes Our Lucky Cheeks Ladies' G String Stand Out?

  • Perfect fit
  • No cutting rubber band
  • High-quality materials
  • Perfect workmanship – Made in Germany
  • Pleasantly soft wearing comfort
  • Seductive look
  • Invisible under clothing

Quality Made in Germany: Our Production in Monschau

In our studio in Monschau, Germany, we craft each G String with special care and attention to detail. The quality and origin of our materials are of utmost importance: We use exquisite embroideries from Switzerland and Italy, the finest lace from France, and delicate tulle to design our diverse collections. Notably, our G String bikini collection is made from high-quality swim fabrics from Italy. The G String
bikini bottom is not only a highlight on the beach but also in everyday life, if you prefer opaque fabrics, a seductive and comfortable companion. Our versatile designs enable you to wear these elegant undergarments for special occasions as well as in daily life, offering a perfect combination of style and functionality.

Exclusive Details: Jewelry Elements from France, Italy, and Spain

To give our sexy thongs a special touch, we use small rings made of Zamak or jewelry chains, also made of Zamak, which are embellished with rhinestone elements or sequin pendants. These jewelry parts are made in France, Italy, and Spain, ensuring an unparalleled wearing experience of our jewelry thongs.

The Variety of G Strings at Lucky Cheeks

Lucky Cheeks stands out for its exceptional selection of G Strings that cater to every taste and occasion. The range spans from classic black and white models to vibrant colors like red, pink, green, and blue. This variety ensures that every woman finds a model that accentuates her personality and style. In addition to a broad color selection, Lucky Cheeks also offers unique designs, including transparent thongs and open thongs, adding an extra element of seduction. Each G String is meticulously crafted to ensure comfort, style, and durability, reflecting the brand's commitment to
creating high-quality lingerie.

G String Bikinis: Summery Seduction

A particular highlight of our collection are the G String bikinis, ensuring an unforgettable appearance at the beach or pool. These G String bikini bottoms are characterized by their minimal fabric use, thus offering optimal tanning. They are the perfect choice for women who wish to confidently accentuate their femininity. Our G String bikinis are available in various colors and patterns, from classic black to bright summer colors.

Seductive Combinations: G Strings and Bralettes

Discover the ideal blend of elegance and comfort in our range: Bralettes that perfectly match our mini G Strings for women. Our selection includes not only plain but also seductively transparent bralettes in classic colors like black, red, and white, as well as in other appealing shades like blue, pink, violet, and coral. For those who prefer something more extravagant, we offer bralettes with embroidery, lace, or
adorned with animal prints or floral motifs to complement the matching G-String.

How to Find the Right Size for Your G-String?

Our thongs correspond to standard sizes. Therefore, you can confidently
choose your usual size in the shop. For absolute certainty, we recommend
measuring your hip circumference and consulting our size chart for thongs,
which you can find in the size selection of each product. This ensures that
your G String fits perfectly.

How to Properly Care for and Wash G-Strings?

Proper care of luxurious thongs is essential to maintain their aesthetics
and quality over the long term. It is recommended to wash them by hand in
lukewarm water to protect the delicate materials. If machine washing is
necessary, it should only be done on a gentle cycle at no more than 30°C and
using a wash bag. Air drying ensures the preservation of shape and the
intricate details of the lingerie. The use of dryers and irons is strictly

A G String for Women from Lucky Cheeks – Men Are Also Enthusiasts

An exclusive G-String from the Lucky Cheeks collection is not only popular among women. Men also appreciate seeing their partner in a provocative micro thong or mini thong. At Lucky Cheeks, we strive to provide both the wearer and the observer with a unique experience. Therefore, we ensure that all our thongs have An attractive design for all models,

  • High-quality materials,
  • A pleasant wearing feeling without cutting, and
  • Perfect workmanship in Germany.

Experience it for yourself and indulge in this pleasure! As a wearer, you
will be thrilled by the perfect fit and high wearing comfort under clothing.
And as an observer, you will not soon forget the breathtaking sight of your
woman in sexy thongs. A good reason to surprise your partner with an
extraordinary gift from the Lucky Cheeks collection for shared moments. Maybe
even with one of our elaborately crafted jewelry thongs.

G Strings as a Gift Idea and a Sign of Affection

A ladies' G String from Lucky Cheeks is the perfect gift for special occasions. Whether as a token of appreciation or an invitation to romantic moments, a G String from our collection always makes the right choice. The option to present these lingerie pieces in elegant gift boxes enhances their value and makes the gift an
unforgettable experience. These exquisite gift boxes reflect the quality and exclusivity of the G Strings, making them a perfect surprise for special occasions.

Discover the World of Lucky Cheeks

The world of G Strings from Lucky Cheeks is a tribute to femininity and offers an unparalleled selection of lingerie that lets every woman shine. Whether as a gift in one of our elegant gift boxes, as part of a summery bikini set, or combined with one of our seductive bralettes, a G String from Lucky Cheeks is always the right choice. Discover our collection now and let yourself be enchanted by the diversity and quality of our G-Strings. Visit our online shop and find the perfect thong that uniquely highlights your individual beauty and style.