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Pink Thongs

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Product type
Soft Touch - Luxury Mini G-String - PinkSoft Touch - Luxury Mini G-String - Pink
Rosa Mini Sring mit Blume - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousEdler G-String rosa - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
Pink Flamingo - Mini G String - Pink Sale priceFrom €41,95
Luxus String ArcadeMini G String Arcade
Arcade - Luxury Mini G-String - Pink Sale priceFrom €51,45
Transparent Rose-Black - Luxury Micro V-StringTransparent Rose-Black - Luxury Micro V-String
Transparent Rose - Luxury Micro G-StringTransparent Rose - Luxury Micro G-String
Transparent Rose - Luxury Micro V-StringTransparent Rose - Luxury Micro V-String
Transparent Light Pink - Luxury Micro V-StringTransparent Light Pink - Luxury Micro V-String
Transparent Pink - Luxury Micro V-StringTransparent Pink - Luxury Micro V-String
Transparent Rose-Black - Luxury Micro G-StringTransparent Rose-Black - Luxury Micro G-String
Queen of Love - Pink - Mini G-StringQueen of Love - Pink - Mini G-String
Queen of Love - Pink - Mini G-String Sale priceFrom €43,95
Transparent Light pink - Luxury Micro G-String - Light pinkTransparent Light pink - Luxury Micro G-String - Light pink
Queen of Love - Pink - Luxury Mini G-StringQueen of Love - Pink - Luxury Mini G-String
Micro String schwarz rosa - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousMicro G String schwarz rosa - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
pinker Mini String - Lucky Cheeks sexy DessousPinker V-String - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
On salepinker edler Mini String - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessouspinker G String - Lucky Cheeks sexy Dessous
In Heaven - Pink - Luxury Mini G-String Sale priceFrom €41,16 Regular price€51,45
Mini String Burlesque von Lucky CheeksMini G String Burlesque von Lucky Cheeks
Springtime Passion - Mini T-String - PinkSpringtime Passion - Mini T-String - Pink
Transparent Pink - Luxury Micro G-StringTransparent Pink - Luxury Micro G-String
On saleRosebud - Mini G-String - Red/PinkRosebud - Mini G-String - Red/Pink
Rosebud - Mini G-String - Red/Pink Sale priceFrom €34,76 Regular price€43,95

Pink thongs have their own special charm. Let these charms seduce you with a thong of Lucky Cheeks!


A thong in pink for the playful seduction

The colour pink has something girlish about it and is therefore especially popular with
young women. But more mature ladies also appear youthful and playful in a pink thong.


With a pink thong from Lucky Cheeks you can seduce your partner in a very sophisticated way. The little pieces of fabric reveal more than you are hiding and yet they encourage you to reveal the last secret. A sexy thong also sets a colourful accent, which in an intimate situation creates mysterious fantasies.


Why are ladies’ thongs in pink so popular?

Pink stands for the lust for life of young girls and is therefore especially popular for
the mini thongs by Lucky Cheeks. With a pink thong every seduction gets something playful. And this is exactly what makes the wearer particularly desirable. Pink makes every woman look young and delicate and awakens in her partner the desire to protect her in a very special way.


What makes Lucky Cheeks pink thongs so special?

Even though thongs are worn most of the time hidden under an elegant wardrobe, quality is of crucial importance. Because when such lingerie is then presented to an
astonished counterpart, it should immediately develop its full effect. The pink luxury thongs from Lucky Cheeks therefore convince through  

  •  high quality materials for comfortable wearing,
  • noble applications from embroidery,
  • perfect handicraft
  • and a refined design.

The exclusive quality of Lucky Cheeks' thongs makes them a noble gift for the loved one, which will not miss its beguiling effect.


A pink G-string ensures undivided attention

Not only the colour, but also the cut makes the special charm of seductive lingerie. The high-quality G-strings from Lucky Cheeks set a special accent here. With their sophisticated design they direct the focus to the soft curves of the female backside. And even if a narrow strip gently separates the two halves of the back, a pink ladies' thong ensures in an impressive way that you are sure to attract the full attention of your counterpart.


A ladies' thong in pink - one colour for a variety of designs

The sophisticated Lucky Cheeks cuts are as delicate and playful as the colour pink.
A sexy micro thong with its design reduced to the essential unfolds an effect that is just as unique as the other models from our extensive collection. No matter whether you choose a sexy T-string, a noble luxury thong or another model, the effect is always the same. In any case, the noble lingerie ensures that the most intimate moments in a couple's relationship become a very special experience. And that's
why Lucky Cheeks' fine thongs are also a perfect gift that makes both the recipient and the giver feel good.